The advantages to the INESO solution.

Automate public lighting for immediate energy savings.
INESO generates immediate energy savings on any existing lighting system, LED or Classic, while also improving the safety and comfort of any city, industrial zone or parking lot.

Users can expect a very fast return on investment, generated by :

  • The energy savings
  • The technology’s low cost
  • Low installation and maintenance costs

The boxes are interconnected to form a network using free radio waves that is completely and safely incrypted.

The boxes communicate using an open communications protocol that allows total independance for the user or city.

Remote management tools are free and allows for optimal, real-time operation of public lighting from anywhere.

The INESO architecture includes a piece of software, »middleware », that is capable of exploiting a large amount of data. It also allows fast and easy compatibilty with other databases or operating systems.

But beyond that, InesoBox plugs into any standard receiver in order to extract information and thus allow you to better understand your urban environment.

And many more advantages…